Logility Education Scheme Aims to Boost Supply Chain Knowledge

Industry 4.0 and digitalisation
July 5, 2018
Supply chain optimiser Logility has opened Logility University, an education programme designed to deliver robust product-specific curriculum to customers and partners.


Supply chain optimiser Logility has opened Logility University, an education programme designed to deliver robust product-specific curriculum to customers and partners. This program extends Logility’s training series to provide in person training at one of Logility’s education centres in India, New Zealand, United Kingdom or United States as well as online through an on-demand course programme.

A key concern for supply chain organisations is the ability to attract and retain talent. Today’s supply chain professionals want to engage with systems differently, they want to be consistently challenged and know their efforts have a measured impact on their company’s success. Logility University provides an opportunity for teams and individuals to expand their knowledge of supply chain best practices and how Logility Voyager Solutions™ enables them to leverage new opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.  The Logility University curriculum provides companies the opportunity to accelerate their team’s supply chain expertise through three levels of certification.

  1. The Foundation Level focuses on basic supply chain and system knowledge.
  2. The Advanced Level course highlights the application of supply chain knowledge to solve business challenges.
  3. The Master Level is designed for instructors and Logility Business Partners to ensure they are able to train internal teams or customers.

“The complexity of today’s supply chain is evolving at an exponential rate as more companies embrace digital transformation and the use of artificial intelligence to automate many of their routine operations,“ said Allan Dow, president, Logility. “Logility University provides an exciting opportunity for our customers and partners to accelerate their use of industry best practices, understand how to apply the latest innovations and take advantage of the easy-to-use advanced capabilities available to them in Logility Voyager Solutions.”

To learn more and see what courses are available now visit: https://training.logility.com/

Source: Logistics Business


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