TRIS – 5. International Partner meeting

Green Economy
June 20, 2018
In this week, the 5th partner meeting of the TRIS project was organized by the Spanish partner in Valencia.

The project is in the last year of its first phase, when partners finalize good practices and action plans, which will be implemented as soon as possible, but at least in the second phase. This event was held in Spain and, in order to see the international partnership in the Spanish implementation of the industrial symbiosis. There was some company visit in Valencia for this reason.

IFKA's Green Economy team participated in two company visit. The first was a factory where they process lamp waste and batteries, and they presented the technology. The other visit was in a biogas plant outside the city where they produce good quality solid fertilizer and substrate liquid from biowaste which are excellent soil nutrients.

The Hungarian partnership was represented by colleagues of IFKA and HOI who took two members of the Local Lab to the international trip to support the Hungarian delegation with their professional knowledge.

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