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FFWD Fast Forward Europe is an initiative supported under the INTERREG EUROPE Programme that is designed to ensure competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (abbreviated as SMEs).
Enhancing social enterprises competitiveness through improved business support policies
Exploiting Potentials of Social Enterprises through Standardized European Evaluation and Development System
REBORN Embracing failure to encourage entrepreneurship and competitiveness
REBORN is a 48-month initiative supported under the INTERREG EUROPE Programme.
Growing a Transnational Smart Community of Social Innovators for the Inclusive Development of Central Europe Social innovation initiatives can create products, services and models that answer to structural transformations of civic communities – but they ...
Embracing failure to facilitate second-chance entrepreneurship in the Danube region Business entry and exit are natural processes that are inherent to European economic life. In fact, 50% of enterprises do not survive the first 5 years of their life, ...
Leveraging Finance 4 positive Social Change Social entrepreneurship (SE) has become increasingly relevant in today’s economic setting as social changes have mounted,(World Economic Forum, 2017) while at the same time, public funds in many countries are ...
Strengthening Social Entrepreneurial Landscape through involving socially responsible corporate Practices in EntrepreNeurial CompetenceS and Skills enhancement in the DANUBE region Social enterprises (SEs) are important drivers for inclusive growth and ...
Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneuship is a Woman
Innovatív munkaerőpiaci eszközök a tartós munkanélküliség által fenyegetett csoportok integrációjában A PROJEKT CÉLJA: A projekt fő célja a hátrányos helyzetű, tartós munkanélküliség által fenyegetett csoportok munkaerőpiaci integrációja innovatív munkaerőpiaci ...
Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneuship is a Woman
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DelFin Project
DelFin Promotion of Social Entrepreneurship in Rural regions European rural regions are facing several societal challanges, social innovation becomes more important for developing solutions that are sustainable. There is a clear need to adapt business ...

Partnerships as partner or lead partner in EU funding programmes in the field of innovation, R&D, economic development and logistics for the benefit of the Hungarian economy and enterprises.

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