Interactive discussions at the Fifth Semester's Meeting of the TRIS Industrial Symbiosis Local Lab

Green Economy
September 12, 2018
On 12 September 2018, the Industrial Symbiosis Local Lab, established under the TRIS project, had its fifth meeting. This time, the Herman Otto Institute hosted the meeting with 20 participants.

Apart from introducing the project's defined objectives and the achievements so far, the main purpose of the event was to get an insight on the different standpoints and opinions of the participants. That is why the main focus of the event was on future tasks.

During the successful consultation and active dialogue, we reviewed and discussed the objectives set out in the Action Plan. The participants formed a number of useful suggestions and feedbacks on the further steps of the different actions, and we also identified several future cooperation opportunities during the implementation phase.

We would like to thank all the participants for their active and useful contributions!


Green Economy
Tudáscserét szerveztünk a zöld innovációs közbeszerzések tapasztalatainak megismerése érdekében
February 4, 2019
Az IFKA Zöld gazdaság csoportja két projekt kapcsán is foglalkozik a zöld innovációs közbeszerzésekkel. Ennek kapcsán találkozót szerveztünk 2019. január 31-én, hogy megismerjük néhány szakértő és érintett fél álláspontját, gondolatait a témát illetően.
Green Economy
We are looking for good examples
January 23, 2019
GREENIN is a peer learning project, financed by the European Union`s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, led by FUNDECYT-PCTEX and implemented in collaboration with European innovation support institutions in Portugal and Hungary.
Green Economy
IFKA, mint a Virtuális Erőmű Program mentor vállalata
January 7, 2019
2018. szeptember 20-án, Tanka Eszter Zöld gazdaság csoportvezető vehette át az IFKA nevében a Virtuális Erőmű Program mentor vállalatának járó díját.
Green Economy
Introduction of CIRCE2020 project at 12. Economy Development conference
December 10, 2018
Green Economy unit was participated at 11. Economy Development conference which was organized on 6th of December in Hotel Benczúr.
Green Economy
Study visit in Budapest
November 30, 2018
Climate-KIC supported Study visit was organized in 26-28 November 2018 by colleague of The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Temes county, Cristina Badulescu, and IFKA Green economy unit.
Green Economy
Industrial Symbiosis workshop held by IFKA
November 29, 2018
As part of the TRIS (Transition regions towards Industrial Symbiosis) project IFKA Green Economy Unit organized and held a workshop for regional and local industries about the circular economy and industrial symbiosis concept.
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